The Not So Good

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“Lincoln Prep student found dead in narrow ravine. Authorities decline to release details about the cause of death.”

“Another body?” Mom gasps, turns up the sound on the TV, then rushes to reclaim her chair before I can reach it.

I settle on the arm of Mom’s chair but don’t say anything. I already knew. Heard the cops tell Barking Barker right before she fainted. A million things stream into my consciousness as I retrace the events of last night.

I was with Darryl in the park.

Now he’s dead.

At the bottom of a ravine.

Photo Credit: © Monkey Business Images

Darryl Curtis - Deceased

Patty Robinowitz - Deceased

“Can’t hide forever.” Patty Robinowitz steps out of the shadows, still dressed in gym clothes. “You’ll never be normal. Not really. You’re an animal. Like me.”

I stare at her, hard. Her jugular vein sends out pulses that draw me towards her throat.

I try to resist. Stay in control

I . . . can’t. The moon’s effect on gravity—and tides—affects me as well.

Patty taunts and teases. “My boyfriend, Todd, would love Amaya. We’ll get high on coke and party. I hear that once you go black you never . . .”

Patty doesn’t have time to finish her sentence.

Photo Credit: © Monkey Business Images